Why basal implantology?

Following the improvement of surgical techniques in orthopedic surgery occurs Basal Implantology as part of the dental implants.
The main difference between basal and conventional implants is their implementation to the patient. Conventional dental implants аре placed in the so-called sponge (soft) bone, while basal implants are implanted in cortical (very hard) bone. Namely manner and innovative design provide a number of advantages of these implants over conventional ones:

  • The patient doesn’t need to wait for the “integration” into the bone. After placement, basal implants are already integrated in the strongest bone. The patient immediately recovers masticatory function.
  • In contrast to conventional implants there is no need of large volume of bone for placing the implants. With this huge advantage basal implants enable patients with “fused” bone to benefit treatment without the need for time-consuming and expensive bone substitution techniques.
  • In heavily damaged, incurable teeth there is no need to wait for bone healing after their removal. Basal implants can be placed immediately as their insertion takes place in the bone outside the place of the bad teeth.

In patients with periodontal disease, basal implants can be placed immediately after the removal of loose teeth. This is possible due to the following reasons:

  • After removal of diseased teeth, periodontal disease disappears as a subtraction removes and related pathological tissues
  • Basal implants are placed in bone area free from periodontitis
  • Wound healing after tooth extraction is very fast, like there is no implant inside
  • Cortical walls after extraction retain their stability and strength, compared with situations where waiting weeks or months is needed. This allows immediate implantation and prosthetics even with periodontal problems. Also patients with osteoporosis can be treated immediately with basal implants.
  • The innovative design of basal implants makes them immune to periimplantitis

Our implantologists are the best in Bulgaria for placing basal implants and are even invited to clinics in England.

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