What you need to know about dental implants?

Dental implants are in use for more than 60 years from dentists worldwide. The modern well-trained specialist has a real opportunity to “restore” missing tooth / teeth and to return the self-confidence and smile to its patients.

Implantation is already routine practice and every general dentist may recommend and after appropriate training to do implant treatment of its patients. Undoubtedly the technology of their production today is quite easy and the number of implant systems is growing daily.

When you choose to be treated with dental implants your dentist will explain you the procedure and give you lots of tips and useful information about dental implants in the course of consultation and preparation for implantation. If you are curious to learn more Internet is also a good source of information about different aspects of treatment with dental implants.

Here’s what is important to know when talking to a specialist for dental implantation.

It is necessarily to ask your dentist for the implants system he offers to use – it is clear that there is a huge variety of implant systems and every implantologist is “tried” and brought into practice only one or at most 2 – 3 and has the advantage of experience with them.  You can also browse the Internet for reviews of treatment with the implants which you will use. It is important how “old” is a system because it implies more experience, more placed implants, more statistics on the success of this system, more information about the shortcomings – all this allows the practice to establish a small number of “successful” models of implants which are easy to work with and have a good result, creating at least complications. The system often determines the difference in price as some implants are significantly more expensive than others.

Do not hesitate to ask your dentist any questions you excited about the upcoming operation and look for a second opinion from another specialist if you have doubts or do not feel comfortable with the offer for your treatment plan. You have to get your proposals treatment plan with a detailed price quote.

Do not attempt to treat without a full freight rate from your dentist, this will save any misunderstandings during implantation.

It is important to strictly follow all directions during wound healing (for diet, medication, smoking cessation) after implantation and to visit regularly check ups – it is unlikely the implant to fails to integrate stably into the bone and result in the need for its replacement, although the success rate of current implant systems is over 90%.

If you have any questions about dental implants ask us now!