The Treatment Plan

Planning your dental treatment is the first and probably the most important step of the entire treatment. The plan is developed just for you based on your specific needs. It is how you and our dental team will work together towards a happier, healthier mouth. An accurate treatment plan will have a positive impact on the success rate of the implant fixtures and the lifespan of the prosthetic device.

Your dental treatment plan outlines exactly what dental services our dental specialists recommend.

All the important issues will have to be considered:

  • the information gathered from the Panoramic X-rays or CT scan
  • the data obtained from the medical history and the physical examination in our clinic
  • patient preferences for a particular prosthetics: fixed (permanent) crown and bridgework instead of removable ones
  • how much will cost after insurance, if applicable

If you have any questions or don’t feel comfortable with any aspect of your dental treatment plan, do not hesitate to ask us. It is important that you feel good about your path toward better oral health.

Peace of mind: AllDental Travel will provide a clear, detailed estimate on the cost of your treatment plan in writing so you know what to expect.