About BEYOND Polus whitening systemSpecial offer - professional teeth whitening

Professional system BEYOND Polus is LED teeth whitening safe for your teeth, which successfully combines halogen and LED light technologies. The Beyond system includes cold light lamp of high intensity, which is a powerful whitening accelerator the most effective when dealing with a specially designed Beyond whitening gel.

You will need only 30 minutes to become an owner of a snow-white smile because the Beyond teeth whitening is a safe, fast and effective whitening method in the dental office in one visit.

The BEYOND POLUS Whitening Accelerator system is winner of The Dental Advisor’s coveted 5-Star Rating as Top Whitening Product of 2011, 2012 and 2013 – an impressive achievement.

Advantages of BEYOND POLUS whitening system

  • Most advanced light filtration of any power whitening system ensures patient safety and comfort.
  • Harmful light and heat are filtered out through a coated optical lens and over 12,000 optical fibres.
  • Powerful 150 watt halogen bulb emits a high-intensity blue light for faster whitening results.
  • Operates at a lower temperature than similar products, increasing patient comfort levels and decreasing the risk of developing tooth sensitivity.

Enjoy preferential conditions !

Extra inclusions are always priced below the individual cost of all the package inclusions.



Full expert consultation


Professional teeth whitening ( BEYOND Polus System )


Tartar removal ( if needed )




Total Price 230 Euro

DISCLAIMER: Treatment plan can be confirmed only after thorough clinical examination in one of our AllDental Travel Clinics. The extent of the necessary measures in terms of surgery and treatment cannot be predicted, as this can only be determined when treatment starts. We reserve the right to make alterations for medical reasons and practicability.