Health benefits of purple foods

It’s a scientifically-proven fact that the darker the food, the higher the antioxidant level. Purple food such as purple onions, eggplant, plums, concord grapes, purple and red cabbage, black mission figs, prunes, and blackberries, are known for having amazing healing powers and are some of the most delicious. Every deliciously dark purple fruit and vegetable is packed with antioxidants which have the ability to mop up free radicals and keep you looking younger, longer.

The purple pigment in all of these fruits and vegetables contain flavonoids, including resveratrol which contributes greatly to your arterial walls (cleansing your blood circulation and help decrease blood pressure) and a specific antioxidant called anthocyanin. The anthocyanin is responsible for all those vibrant colors and is being identified as a key player in the health benefits associated with purple foods.

Here’s what antioxidants like anthocyanin can do:

  • Fight H. pylori
  • Help to prevent diabetes and obesity
  • Reduce the risk of high blood pressure and low HDL cholesterol (the good kind)
  • Lower the risk of cancer, neurological diseases, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive declines
  • Reduce inflammation and therefore chronic disease
  • Assist in preventing urinary tract infections, fight ulcers, reduce liver damage and prevent other diseases contracted from cell damage
  • They are good for the heart

5 best purple foods for your health

  • Purple fruits – All deep red, blue or purple fruits are high in all the good stuff above.
  • Purple carrots – looked a little strange but these were normal carrots up until the 17th century, so they’re actually more normal than their orange counterparts. Very high in anti-inflammatory properties, support a healthy weight, and excellent sources of Vitamin A and fibre.
  • Purple cabbage – boosts the immune system, rich in Vitamin K (important for healthy bones) and fibre, contains probiotics.
  • Purple potatoes – help lower blood pressure, keep blood circulation healthy.
  • Eggplant -Rich source of Vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, and too many more. Eggplant is one of the world’s healthiest foods, a pitch made stronger with the presence of anthocyanin.