Dental treatment in Bulgaria

Combine having a holiday in Bulgaria and solve your dental problems.

If you decide to combine having a holiday in Bulgaria with solving your dental problems you will get a highly professional dental services at considerably lower prices compared to those in the UK, the USA and a large number of countries in Western Europe. In many European countries dental treatment is very expensive, especially cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry. Dental tourism is the best way to combine your holiday with your dental treatment.

The Bulgarian school of dentists in Sofia is among the best in the world for several reasons. First, there is a high standard of teaching at medical academies and faculties of dental medicine, as well as clinical experience with patients gained by students while studying. In fact, even the youngest dentists have had plenty of practical experience before they graduate, and because of this can start their own dental practices right away after graduation. Second, the big competition among the numerous dental practices guarantees a very high standard of dental service. Third, Bulgarian dentists are highly experienced due to a high and clinically varied flow of patients.

Dental materials and equipment are of paramount importance for the successful treatment of dental and gum diseases as well as in aesthetic dentistry. Bulgarian dental practices use well tested materials produced by renowned companies such as 3M ESPE, Dentsply, Degussa, HERA CERAM, GC.

Using high quality materials we achieve exceptional durability, natural opalescence, excellent corrosion stability, biocompatibility, and maximal aesthetics.

A large number of dental practices have dental equipment which allows modern painless treatment and physiotherapy.

Those who travel to Bulgaria on holiday or business can also use these dental services.

All Bulgarian dental practices are registered and rigidly controlled by the state, which guarantees a good and competent standard of service.

Dentists in Bulgaria are members of the Bulgarian Dental Union, the Bulgarian Dental Association and other professional organisations, as well as many international organisations such as ADA (American Dental Association), FDI (World Dental Federation), GDC (General Dental Council), etc.

Why should I choose AllDental Travel ?

Travelling abroad for dental treatment is not a decision to be taken lightly. Choosing the best dental clinic in Bulgaria is very important.

As a client of AllDental Travel you can take advantage of the professionalism of the largest Bulgarian agency offering a full range of services in dental tourism. You will receive our assistance before, during and after your dental treatment, including personal adviser and phone or email consultations.

Your preferable location determines the dental clinic in Bulgaria that you are supposed to visit.
We have dental clinics in all big cities in Bulgaria – dental clinic in Sofia, dental clinic in Varna and dental clinic in Bourgas.
Some patients fly into the capital city airport whilst others fly into Varna and Bourgas. Alldental Travel do offer complimentary airport transfers to our international patients.

As soon as you arrive by plane at the airport you will be greeted by our representative who will be waiting with a sign with our logo and your name clearly written. You will then be transported to your hotel accommodation. Our practice is to give a mobile phone to our patients so they can be in touch with us throughout their stay in Bulgaria if they have any questions or need assistance. You get all with no extra charge for the agency !

Let us help you set your smile free!

Want to make a great first impression? Start by polishing up your best accessory – your smile.

If you have missing, damaged, or cracked teeth, give us a call and let’s discuss what dental treatments are right for you. At all AllDental Travel clinics in Bulgaria, it would be our honor to help you set your smile free.