Cheap dental implants in Bulgaria?

Although almost all countries use the same brands implants their prices vary dramatically and it seems quite confusing for each patient. How could a single implant cost to be in times cheaper or more expensive in different countries? The reasons for these price differences are many but in this material rather you navigate the levels of these prices and what are the main components of pricing in the price of the overall implantology treatment.

What is the cost of implant treatment in Europe?

Implants used in Bulgaria are from the same manufacturers that are used in Europe but prices are quite different because of the difference in standard of living. Implant treatment conducted in Bulgaria worth almost three times cheaper than Europe. There are many patients who believe that if a treatment is too expensive it is definitely the best. This is not only not true but far not confirmed by experience especially in the field of dental implantology. There are not rare cases when treatment with implants is quite overvalued and unnecessarily more expensive due to various reasons. One is undoubtedly – implant treatment is expensive treatment but it has its price and it can be determined easily and fairly accurately when summing its individual components.

Implant treatment consists generally of two main phases:

  • surgical phase for dental implant
  • prosthetic phase of placing the crown or bridge on implants

What is the cost of implant treatment in Bulgaria?
Thus the price of the complete implant treatment is formed of several binding components:

  • Price on the implant – the prices of various implants starts from 450 €
  • Price for implantation operation
  • Price of prosthetic superstructure – prosthetic superstructure is not sold together with the implant and must be purchased separately and as the case may need different upgrade. Their prices range from 450 €
  • Price final prosthetic construction – crown or bridge – the prices of single crowns, depending on whether it is cermet or zirconium are also very different – from 300 €

Thus the average price of complete implant treatment including all materials and procedures together with the crown is about 600-800 euro for a tooth but depending on the price of brand-specific implants, additional 3D scanner images made implant templates and temporary crowns bridges and additional bone  grafting procedures the cost may be higher.