Our dental centers in Varna are certified by Moody International for quality management system in compliance with the performance standards for dentists – ISO 9001:2000.

Our dental practice has more than 20 dentists in two dental centers located in the administrative center of the city. The philosophy of the services they offer lay on the belief that dentistry is very responsible activity to happen in suitable apartments or basements and implemented by “individual entrepreneurs”. We incorporate the entire range of services in one place – from diagnostic x-rays to the treatment, prevention and aesthetics.

We are deeply convinced that good health and safety in its regular maintenance are the basis for harmonious working environment and greater business results. Just ensure good health in so delicate area of dentistry is our priority for over 15 years.

Our dental centers in Varna have the latest generation high-tech X-ray with decades of experience in image geometry. Take advantage of Orthopantomograph OP300:

  • Unique 3in1 platform – Panorama Tsefalostat and SVST
  • At a low irradiation dose
  • Fastest 3D reconstruction
  • Top image quality