Who we are?

AllDental Travel Ltd. is a dynamic company, functioning as a full-service facilitator for dental tourism in Bulgaria. We offer access to a wide range of dental packages, accommodation, travel tickets and tourism services. It is important to emphasize the high quality of our services as a result of our established partnerships with Bulgarian certified dentists and national accredited clinics. We work successfully with a network of affiliated travel agencies and hotels that can provide standard or luxury accommodation services.

Our mission

Our mission at AllDental Travel Ltd. is to help you to receive safely and successfully the best treatment in high – class dental clinics for just a small amount of the costs in EU. We are striving to be one of the leading organization that offer dental health care packages including the best dental treatment and excellent holiday. Through permanent development and raise of the products quality, we want to make Bulgaria a significant and intriguant destination for alternative dental and medical tourism, turning your attention to the human resources and nature. We encourage the development of partnerships in order to make together Bulgaria a better place for living and business. A successful and longlasting positioning of an extremely dynamic and highly competitive on the dental market at regional, national and international level.

Our aim

The implementation of our mission is possible only when we follow the values we consider of vital importance for our development and growth. Taking into account that the cares about the customers ( patients ) are repayable, the most significant aims to achieve for us, are the following:

  • High standard of dental care services – our aim was to create a network of the most experienced and highly qualified dental specialists in Bulgaria. In this way we will provide dental care services of high level and standards.
  • High level professionalism – high level personal and professional qualities of each member of our team, together with our optimism and enthusiasm will guarantee a high level professionalism and establishment of conditions for successful professional development.
  • High level loyalty and responsibility – the clarity and transparency in the mutual work with our patients and partners, as well as the correct and loyal attitude, guarantee that our mission will be observed and carried out. That is to be appreciated and rewarded.
  • Individual approach – the customer’s needs and wishes are the basic motor forces of the organization. When carrying out it, we place the patients’ interests first, above the company’s interests. Through individual approach we are ready to satisfy even our patients’ strangest wishes.

We want to thank you for letting us planning your dental treatment! AllDental Travel team