10 Things To Do At Home During Coronavirus

As more and more people work and study from home and generally spend time between the walls, the question remains: What should I do to avoid being bored? Don’t worry, we have a few suggestions for things you can do to make the time more interesting as the pandemic goes away.

What to do at home?

1. Train

Due to the state of emergency, the gyms in our country have closed, thus opening the possibility for all of us for home training. Video sharing channels have many workout videos of varying intensity, depending on your form. Take advantage of it!

2. Cook

Grab the pan and turn on the stove to cook something really tasty! Now is the perfect time to try out those recipes you haven’t had time to get to, and this is a good way to bring your family to the table or to get distracted.

3. Sleep

Getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep a day can be difficult in the busy everyday life between work, school, children and anything else your life throws at you. Being at home allows you to take a nap and take those missed hours of sleep you lost on the way to work, school, or for any other reason.

4. Breathe in fresh air

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air! It is important to maintain a safe distance of at least 2 meters when walking with a friend or walking with strangers, but do not allow this to stop your blood circulation and enjoy the walk.

5. Watch Movies

Now is the time to watch all the Oscar-nominated films. Or, finally, see the series that your friends have been recommending for months, but you still don’t have time for them. A nice movie with a loved one is a guarantee of a pleasant evening.

6. Engage in arts and crafts

This is aimed at children as well. Draw, dance, knit, sew. There are so many things you can try to do at home without worrying about failure. It is not known where your talent will come from …

7. Spring cleaning

March 20th is the official start of spring, which means spring cleaning is never a bad option! Clean your home and you will certainly feel better. Clean the garage, basement or ceiling – all places that have long needed it.

8. Learn a new language

Whether you know English, French, German or Spanish, there is never a bad time to learn a new language! There are many websites and applications that provide online resources and tools for learning new languages for free.

9. Play board games

There are so many different games you didn’t suspect how interesting they were. They will also train your brain, keep you fit. We also recommend puzzles, cards, mosaics, sudoku, scrabble!

10. Read

If you have justified yourself so far that you are not reading enough because you do not have time – now is the time to start doing it! Books are wealth and a window to the world, and what better than a Sunday home with your favorite books.